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Who's in the

 in the

illustrated by Jill McDonald

Barefoot, 2012

From the book jacket:

Who wakes up in the morning
to a cock-a-doodle-doo?

Peek through the holes to see what animals are greeting the day around the farm. There are pigs oink, oink, oinking and goat's bleat, bleat, bleating.
Who else has been woken up by the noisy rooster?

A little about the book:

    I've always found books about farm life appealing, and I'm grateful for the chance to share a vision of an ideal farm: a place where animals live a normal life, not cramped into horrible pens and sheds such as those filmed in FOOD, INC. This book and its companions, Who's in the Garden? and Who's in the Forest? look at different corners of our environment––the way we'd like our environment to be and how we know it can be.
    Jill McDonald's illustrations are a delight, as always. Kids will have fun
following the lively visual action and finding her fine-feathered alarm clock rooster. As for myself, I'm in love with the patchwork lamb!

From the reviews:

"A refrain that repeats throughout this picture book introduces common farm animals.... Each turn of the page comes replete with peekaboo-cutouts framing the animal awakened by the rooster, while the deceptively simple text teaches the names of young animals and imitates their sounds. Readers meet hens and chicks, sheep and lambs, cows and calves, goats and kids, pigs and piglets; no doubt they will want to join in with the clucking and bleating and squealing during toddler storytime. The highly textured, vibrant collage illustrations add another layer for kids to observe. While the text focuses on mammals, the cutouts frame the insect world, including a dragonfly, a bee, and a butterfly. The illustrations also show a variety of tools, suggesting the myriad tasks that are part of farm life. The final spread shows the whole farm together, including people, emphasizing the human-animal bond." Booklist.

 "'Who wakes up in the morning to a cock-a-doodle-doo?' Readers then turn the page, which features a circular die-cut peephole, to reveal a vibrant farm scene and a rhyming answer such as: 'Goats bleat, bleat, bleating and their frisky kids, too.' Throughout the book, the text highlights many farm favorites including sheep, cows, and pigs. Mixed-media collage brings this farm to life with its use of cloth, paper, and paint. Running stitches give motion to many background animals and insects. Each tableau is abundant with details. Adults and children who take the time to examine the pictures one-on-one will be rewarded." School Library Journal.

"This book is SO much fun. When the king of the farmyard starts to crow, everybody wakes up and starts to make their own sounds too! The hens, cluck, cluck, clucking; the sheep baa, baa, baaing; the cows moo, moo, mooing; the goats bleat, bleat, bleating; and the pigs, oink, oink, oinking. This is one of those books that is perfect for sharing together as you travel round the farmyard illustrations and make all the animal noises together. Each time the cockerel crows you get a peep at the next animal he has woken up through a little round window on the next page. So sweet and great for little fingers to explore. There is also the opportunity to learn all the names of the baby animals too – sheep/lambs, cows/calves, goats/kids, etc. Made from sturdy board, this book will travel and endure the constant exploring of little hands." ‘Babbleabout’ childrens books, learning and play