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                                              in the forest
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illustrated by Jill McDonald

Barefoot, 2010

*   French board book edition, too!

From the book jacket:

Who's in the forest, dark and deep?
Peek through the holes to see what creatures are hiding in the forest. There are foxes creep, creep, creeping, birds cheep, cheep, cheepng, and bear cubs tumbling in a heap, heap, heap. Who else can you find among the trees?

A little about the book:

All my associations with forests are happy ones--camping in the redwood forests of California as a child, and as an adult living alongside a protected, woodsy watershed in New Jersey. Narrow hiking trails led us into the ferny deep where there was always something exciting to see--a patch of mushrooms, a busy critter, a nest....

I hope Who's in the Forest?, with its bright and cheerful illustrations by Jill McDonald, will impart some of the joy and wonder we feel in the midst of forest life.

Check out Who's in the Garden? for more rhyming fun and Jill's lively collage and patchwork paintings.

From the reviews:

A brightly collaged forest presents itself for young explorers in a question-and-answer format enhanced by die-cut peepholes and repeated onomatopoeia. "Who's in the forest, dark and deep?" There's a lot to look at: In the opening spread, readers will see owls, woodpeckers, a deer, a porcupine, a beaver, a rabbit, a raccoon—and, framed in the peephole, a cardinal. Turn the page, and readers will find out what else: "Birds in the treetops— cheep, cheep, cheep ." Squirrels, foxes, bear cubs and owls (" fast asleep ") appear through the peephole, but the novelty of the page turn is blunted by the crowd that populates each spread. That said, it's a friendly, beckoning crowd, and there's lots for parents and readers to exclaim over and point out, even if the gimmick is a bit of a bust. All in all, a pleasant outing. (Board book. 2-4)-- Kirkus Reviews.