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Zoo Day

Zoo Day ˇOlé!

illustrated by Santiago Cohen

Cavendish, 2009
(now Amazon’s imprint:
Two Lions Children’s Books)

 *E-book available

From the book jacket:
Abuelita takes her grandchildren to the zoo. They have fun counting everything they see––people, birds, balloons, and animals...

and at bedtime, even more.

A little about the book:

Counting books that tell a story have always appealed to me.
This one was inspired by an image I grew up with, a silkscreen print my mother created in the 1940's titled "Zoo View," and by the love I felt (and still feel) for my own remarkable grandmother. 

From the reviews:

“....The bouncy rhyming text makes for a lively read-aloud, and the method used for introducing Spanish vocabulary adds even more energy to the presentation.... The rhyme helps children predict which number comes next, and the page turns add to the excitement....The cartoon illustrations, featuring bright colors outlined in bold black strokes, create a fun-loving atmosphere for the story. An enjoyable and educational addition for storytimes or kindergarten classrooms.” School Library Journal

"This very simple bilingual picture book features a warm story that incorporates language and numbers in an entertaining way. A preschooler tells how she and her little brother visit the zoo with Abuelita, who helps them count in Spanish the animals they see.... Cohen cleverly incorporates other items to count on each spacious spread in his thick-lined artwork highlighted with digital coloring....Later, at home, there is a sense of how much more there is to count as the children and Abuelita try to add up the number of stars in the sky. And in an affectionate ending, Abuelita kisses the children good night: 'Dos besos means two kisses.'" Booklist

"An ideal book for toddlers who love Dora the Explorer or Sesame Street with their mix of Spanish and English. It would also work well for children learning Spanish in Kindergarten. Appropriate for ages 2-5." Kids Lit