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illustrated by
David Walker

Sterling, 2014
(now Union Square & Co.)
* Sequel to: T I M E for a H U G
* Scholastic Book Club, February 2016
*  Board book and cloth editions
*  Chinese edition, with glitter!
* Japanese edition ––

Bath -

From the book jacket:

No matter the season...

Whatever the reason...
Rub-dub-dub, splish and splash...
What time is it?
T I M E  for  a  B A T H!

A little about the book:
My editor, Allison Brydon, suggested the theme of bath time for our second bunny book. For months we splashed words back and forth that would best evoke the joys of both messiness and cleanliness. I'm grateful for her collaboration! And David Walker's bunnies are as lively and loving as ever.

Bath time can be difficult, and not just for the child. I remember the first time I bathed my new born daughter. How scary it was! It was a shock for her too. Maybe my fear was contagious. I'm glad to report that all ended well––bath time was a happy time from then on.

Problems with bath time?
I hope a confident, relaxed, and playful attitude, plus no-tears shampoo, bubbles to blow, water-friendly toys, and songs and stories like this one will do the trick. Please let me know! Your bath time pix welcome too.

From the reviews:

“The two bunnies from Time for a Hug return in a bath-themed sequel, which aims to establish a cause-and-effect relationship in readers’ minds: playing and mess-making are great, but getting cleaned up afterward is part of the deal. The smaller tan bunny takes several baths in the story, the first of which occurs after a pancake breakfast that leaves the kitchen in disarray ('Spills and spatters, goop and grit./ Fill the tub—What time is it?'). Various seasonal escapades—a summer trip to the beach, outdoor play in spring and autumn, and a messy day of painting indoors in winter—also result in baths, all of which the bunny submits to happily. Walker’s soft paintings underscore this mood of positivity, highlighting the small bunny’s independence (but also its loving relationship with its parent) in every scene. Ages 3–5.”–– Publishers Weekly

"Gershator and Walker’s bunnies from Time for a Hug (co-authored by Mim Green, 2013) return to explore the seasons and reasons for bathtime.
With the same tender affection between the two rabbits found in the first book, the parent-and-child pair makes its way through the seasons, with lots of opportunities for mess. 'Dig a hole, / plant a pit, / water and weed— / What time is it? // Time for a bath!' The seasons fly by, illustrations showing the little bunny playing in a spring garden, having ice cream on a summer beach, making a mud pie at a fall playground and painting on a winter day. The rhyming story finishes each vignette with the refrain, 'What time is it?' Children will quickly chime in: 'Time for a bath!' In this household, bathtime is a good time to make things fresh and new again. The gray parent bunny is watchful and loving, receiving the reward of a towel-wrapped, worn-out little one, peacefully drifting off to sleep. Walker’s soft tones and engaging full-page spreads spill over with gentleness...."––Kirkus Reviews

"My children have been enjoying Time For a Hug for quite some time now. I always get excited when my daughter picks it out for bedtime reading because I know she will be especially cuddly as we read it! The simple, yet sweet story with fabulous illustrations has made it a favorite. So I knew when I heard there was a follow-up, that it would be a hit in our home!

Time For a Bath is a fun little tale that makes making messes and getting clean fun. Bunny is too cute splashing in puddles and having fun! My kids pointed out all the things that bunny did that they like to do....This book is simply adorable and sweet. And if you do have a child who doesn't like bath time it could be a fun way to show how fun it is!"––Momma Drama

"Rhyming text and bright illustrations take readers through seasonal toddler fun and messes with a mother rabbit and her offspring. Enjoying everything from a muddy spring garden and a sunny day at the beach to fall leaves and winter days spent indoors painting, the little bunny plays, explores, and gets really dirty. The refrain, 'What time is it?/Time for a bath!' transitions the youngster into the tub for bubbly fun. The charming, soft-focus illustrations are perfect for the audience, and the simple and rhythmic text invites participation. A nice choice for preschool read-alouds or one-on-one sharing." ––School Library Journal

 “From sandy toes in summer to mucky mud pies in fall, the mother and child first seen in Time for a Hug (2012) are back getting messy throughout the four seasons. As the two endearing rabbits cook in the kitchen, plant in the garden, and paint at home, they pair their constant good times with a whole variety of messes.... The little one never complains about taking a bath; indeed, an abundance of bubbles and toys keep the bunny happy and busy. Then “Rub-a-dub-dub”—once out of the tub for the last go-round, it’s time for bed. Soft, muted colors create a cozy and inviting scene, while the square format is perfect for young audiences. A splendid and splashy choice for storytime or individual lap reading.” –– Booklist Online

Time for a Bath is a great way for kids to get excited about taking a bath! It is definitely the perfect book if you are having trouble enticing your little one to into the tub. This book follows bunny through his daily adventures of getting dirty and then describes how taking a bath is just as much fun as his daily mischief! Little ones won’t be able to stop giggling as bunny splashes in the puddles, eats a drippy banana split, paints a picture, and goes to the beach. The repetition of  the words “Time for a bath,” creates anticipation and encourages children to engage with the text and story—they’ll be excited about turning the page just to say the words “time for a bath.” This is a great book to learn vocabulary, practice early reading, and showcase how much fun baths can be for little ones.
The illustrations are colorful, simple, whimsical and entertaining. Time for a Bath, is a great pre bath time read for children ages 2 to 6. It definitely makes a positive and impressionable splash about taking a bath! ––  The Children’s Book Review

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