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The Fisherman's Horn

by Phillis and David Gershator

illustrated by Mim Green
and Phillis Gershator

Little Bell Caribbean
(Editorial Campana), 2010

From the book jacket:

hoot toot toot!

The sound of the conch horn blasts through the air, calling out the news: FRESH FISH FOR SALE. When an island cat hears the news, she follows her ears, her nose--and her dreams. And who follows the cat? A dog, a mosquito, a frog, a boy, a market lady. All the while, the cat marches on, dreaming her dreams of one fish, two fish, then three, four, five, six....

At Caribbean market squares and waterfronts, wherever fishermen sell their catch of the day, the traditional call of the conch can still be heard--and dreams can still come true!

The Fisherman’s Horn, a sprightly rhyming tale by the authors of Palampam Day and Kallaloo, was inspired by the French fishermen whose  families immigrated from St. Barts to St. Thomas in the 19th century.

A little about the book:

The Fisherman’s Horn was also inspired by the sound of the conch we heard when we lived in downtown St. Thomas, not far from Market Square and the waterfront. The horn told everybody the catch was in and meant "Time to buy fish fresh off the boat."

David helped me give the tale more dash. My mother liked it so much she drew all the characters for the story. I only wish that she were here to have completed the illustrations herself and to see our happy collaboration bear fruit.

When Campana’s editor, Mario Picayo, called and asked me if I had a story set in the Virgin Islands as a potential Governor's Christmas gift for young readers in the Islands, I sent him our manuscript, arranging and coloring Mim’s drawings and adding details to develop the narrative. The Governor and First Lady, John and Cecile de Jongh, gave the project a green light, and Mario’s designer, Yolanda Fundora, gave it an extra added island touch with a bright, Caribbean blue font.

I'm hoping The Fisherman's Horn will be a gift beginning readers will share with the whole family, and that everyone will join in with a rousing WHOOT TOOT TOOT when it comes time to sound the horn.