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for a

illustrated by
David Walker

Sterling, 2017
(now Union Square
& Co.)
* Sequel to: T I M E for a H U G  and
* Japanese edition

Board book and cloth editions

From the book jacket:

From Monday to Sunday
how busy we'll be!
We've got places to go
and people to see.

But some days we lose
our zip and our zap.
What time is it?

T I M for  a  NAP!

A little about the book:

   I hope Time for a Nap will help to set the mood for a good, long, happy naptime, a time to look forward to before “tired & cranky time” sets in.

We all need sleep. We probably all need more sleep that we get. So many exciting activities and distractions keep us awake till all hours, and they often keep little ones up too late as well. Sleep researchers say toddlers and preschoolers need between ten and fourteen hours of sleep. That prescription includes naptime.

The ideal naptime isn’t a battle of wills. Instead, it’s time to take it easy and relax, sing a lullaby, read a gentle story, listen to quiet music: it's time to wind down from an active, busy, stimulating, sometimes overstimulating life.

David Walker’s endearing bunnies will surely entice little ones (and maybe their parents!) to take a nap every day of the week––and learn the names of the days, too. 

From the reviews:

"Through a gentle rhyming text and delightful, soft-focus pencil and acrylic scenes of a little rabbit and parent, human toddlers can share in their week. Starting with Monday, shopping day, Gershator and Walker take us through their weekday activities, shopping, playing, a visit to the library for storytime (hooray!), clothes washing and gardening and on Saturday and Sunday, relaxing together. A crucial part of every one of those days is nap time – not always readily embarked on by little rabbit. Short and sweet, and ideal for participatory reading with littles...."––Red Reading Hub – Jillrbennett's Reviews of Children's Books 

"This sweet rhyming text about the tricky business of napping keeps the tone light and manages to avoid being judgemental throughout." Recommended by Booktrust.org.UK.

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